AriGar Designs is a collaboration between myself, Ariel, and my husband, Garth. Our story began in Australia which we visited in 2010. We were inspired by all the beautiful opal jewelry we saw everywhere. After we came home, Garth bought a couple of kilns and started making upcycled wine bottles, raku pottery and beads, and ceramic pottery. I took a few jewelry making classes and started out with stringing some jewelry. I used the Raku beads Garth made among other types of beads. After a couple of years, we started doing festivals and craft fairs.

Garth bought a 3D printer a few years ago to make some molds for some gemstones so that he could make pendants. From there he bought a few more kilns and he came up with the idea to make my jewelry displays. I had slowly evolved into jewelry beading utilizing the new Czech beads coming out on the market. They began to make new shapes and finishes, and designers were coming up with new patterns. I have also learned some of the more traditional beading stitches along the way. We went on a wonderful bead trip to the Czech Republic in Sept 2017.  We went to bead factories and glass factories and made so many new beading friends.

The lady on the banner is one of our 3D print jewelry displays named “The Baroness” and the jewelry on her was beaded by me.

Garth has branched off into a 3D printing service named but he is still active making 3D print jewelry displays and bracelet mandrels/displays for AriGar Designs. Our biggest seller has been a 3D printed bracelet mandrel which doubles as a jewelry display. These are used for wrist size measurements by jewelry makers.

I was recently interviewed and had an article printed about me in online Voyage Dallas magazine. There is a link to it on this site.

We have recently signed up to have a space in Frisco Fresh which is an outdoor farmer’s market and artisan market which opens in June 2018. It will expand to restaurants, a beer garden, and indoor retail in the next year or so. We are very excited about this new venture and it will give us a space year round. But we will continue to do some local festivals and craft shows. You can check our Etsy store for the schedule.

So welcome to our store. It is a work in progress now, June 2018.